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Awards and rewards that work

Awards Absolute is the awards hub that provides absolutely everything you need to run a successful excellence award or staff / franchisee reward program.

For almost 20 years we've been creating and managing excellence awards, staff rewards and incentives that work - and helping organisations that want more from their programs. Our award experts have also assisted hundreds of organisations and business leaders to write a winning award submission.

Awards Absolute works with organisations to:

* Establish excellence awards and reward programs that are successful

* Review / re-launch awards and rewards so that they reflect our changing world and are successful

* Promote and manage award and reward programs

* Write winning award submissions.

The biggest advantage cited by our corporate, Government and Association clients is that our services save them time and money, while offering knowledge they can't find anywhere else.

For excellence awards hosts, Awards Absolute offers you the services to:

* Run hassle-free awards

* Attract more nominees, and honour the right people

* Sell more tickets to your awards events

* Attract and retain more members.

For corporate clients and master franchisors, Awards Absolute's reward and incentive programs provide organisations with the tools to:

* Attract the very best staff, network partners and franchisees

* Retain higher achievers

* Ensure morale and loyalty remains high

* Boost the bottom line.

Award nominees engage Awards Absolute to:

* Review a submission you've written and provide expert feedback

* Operate as a "mock judge" and mentor for all or part of your submission

* Write the submission so that you and your business are placed in the very best light.

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