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Awards Management Software

What is it?

Awards software is a great tool to help you save time and reduce the hassle of running an awards program.

This software is an online system developed to govern and, in some cases, automate tasks related to running your awards. It will never replace an awards coordinator or an independent auditor, but it does make project managing awards a whole heap easier.

While there are many systems in the marketplace, Awards Absolute believes that this one is the best because it has the greatest flexibility, is highly sophisticated, and has the most user-friendly interface.

Awards Absolute did not develop this software, but it is THE ONLY ONE that we recommend because, unlike others that we have been forced to use, this system encapsulates every awards process in one easy-to-manage interface.

We searched the globe looking for a system that did everything that this one does in such a user-friendly manner. Until recently, we could not find what we needed. So it is not your fault if you haven’t found the awards software solution you have been looking for until now, because nor could we – and we spend every day investigating better ways to manage awards.

Why this system?

Using this proven, trusted and established system means that you do not have to reinvent the wheel and you save significant money. So it is good for time management and your budget.

Most importantly, it does not suffer from the faults that we have discovered with some other online systems that we have been forced to use. We can share some horror stories about:

  • Coding errors that have meant that entrants could see all other entrants’ submissions
  • Payment mistakes, and
  • Automated scoring miscalculations that were only picked up because of the in-depth auditing that Awards Absolute undertakes.

This awards software also allows nominees to save, edit and come back to their entry as many times as they wish before “finalizing” it.

This is invaluable from the nominee’s perspective because often they have not formulated the answers to the criteria before starting.

Using this system, they can complete the entry in numerous sittings. This feature is also invaluable from an awards management perspective, as it allows you to analyse nominee progress to identify where entrants are struggling.

Here are some of the main features that stand it above others:

  • Seamless branding mirrors the look of your awards or organisation website
  • End-to-end online capability for all awards’ related processes
  • Integrated marketing with single click messaging to your entire database
  • Simple entrant log-in allows for easy completion of entries online
  • Judges’ feedback is managed and disseminated directly through the system
  • Full ability for individual score auditing and mean variations
  • Peer and public voting
  • An event ticketing function
  • Social media functions
  • Online payment portal for entry fees, where applicable
  • Price does not alter wit changes in nomination numbers, so budgeting is easier.

The major benefits of this online system are that it:

  • Has been developed specifically for excellence, quality and business awards management
  • Is fully self-managed, with training, technical support and video tutorials included
  • Has been proven to be thoroughly reliable
  • Creates time efficiencies for you, your staff, your judges and your contractors
  • Is totally flexible.

“The National Employment Services Association has worked with Awards Absolute since the inception of our excellence awards 12 years ago. Last year we introduced their online submission system for both our Awards and Discovery Grant. The overall cost of running these programs has fallen, our members like this new system because it’s easier to submit, and our judges find it more streamlined. That’s a great outcome thanks to Liz and her team.”- Carole Gregson, Business Manager, National Employment Services Association

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