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Awards Absolute’s convening and managing services ensure your awards are credible, equitable and above censure.

This means that your awards will receive more entries, and will enjoy greater engagement and sustained growth.

This is the foundation of the true value that our expertise provides.

You will feel proud and you will receive as many accolades as your winners when you run really successful awards. You will receive gratitude for hosting awards that really champion the amazing achievements of your members, staff, citizens or channel partners.

Why do our clients enjoy such success and longevity?

Because there are three reasons why awards are not as successful as they could be:

  1. The host does not treat them like a business product – monitoring, reviewing and updating them on a regular basis.
  2. The host or their awards suffer from a credibility issue.
  3. The perceived investment required to enter does not equal the perceived benefits of winning (in the eyes of potential nominees).

You cannot be blamed for not knowing this before now because this is the conclusion from detailed, long-term research that only Awards Absolute has undertaken. Of course you cannot be expected to know the same information that it took us years of surveying nominees and award coordinators to discover.

This is the knowledge that you have not been privy to up until now. You do not need to struggle with what steps you should take next or where to focus your energy. Working with Awards Absolute, you too can now benefit from this knowledge.

Our Awards Managers will consider your awards from each of the above three aspects before proposing options on how we can help you best because we only want to offer you the best services for your specific situation. After all, your organisation is unique and your awards are unique. So the only sensible way forward is to take a unique approach – a custom approach – to managing your awards. This is what we do.

The greatest benefit of engaging Awards Absolute to manage all or part of your awards is that will interpret our independence as confirmation that your awards are fair, unbiased and above censure.

To answer the question you may be asking yourself: No, you will not lose control. I absolutely promise that you will remain in full control because you choose how to work with us. You tell us what tasks you want us to apply our expertise to right for the first meeting.

We can manage your whole program or just the aspects that would benefit you the most. This can include marketing, the awards management software, call for entries and nominee management, judging coordination and auditing, winner liaison, and event production.

The biggest benefits of engaging Awards Absolute in this capacity, according to our clients, is that nominees interpret our independent management as evidence that your awards are fair, unbiased and above censure.

And this is understandable because credibility will be built-in to your awards under our management and this will be maintained. Other key benefits are that we save clients time, money and hassle because there is no circumstance that we have not faced before. So this also means that entrant questions are expertly managed. Where nominees are feeling disappointed in the judging outcome or frustrated, our independence provides protection for the host organisation.

Please get in touch to tell us in what ways we can make your day-to-day life easier.


Every success starts with one small step.


We started undertaking unique research more than 20 years ago on what makes awards successful and what judges are looking for when they assess your entry... read more

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